Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I book? We recommend booking sooner than later (normal bookings are 6 – 18 months out). This will reserve your date and also lock in current pricing. If we’re available, we’re happy to book last minute. We’ve actually booked the same day (yes, that happened once) and several a month or two before.

Do you film the full ceremony, first dances and other important events? Yes, even if your collection does not include a full documentary film or ceremony film, we will film it for future upgrades. These are once in a lifetime moments so we want you to have the option to upgrade later. This is a big reason our starting collection includes 2 videographers instead of one. Having two videographers helps us to capture all important moments with 2 manned cameras to catch the best angles of those moments.

What is a highlight film and a documentary film? Our highlight films are what you see here and on social media and are very polished, story driven, and sometimes jump from different parts of your day (time-shifting) to show emotional moments and tell a story quickly (4-10 minutes depending on the collection or add on). Our documentary films cover prep all the way though the send off and are usually 1-2 hours long. They are generally in chronological order and include all of the key events from the day with mini highlight/montage sections sprinkled though-out. Here’s an example of a documentary film.

What’s a teaser film? A 60 second mini highlight delivered within a week of your wedding. Our teaser films are included with some of our collections or can be added in addition. Here’s an example.

When are my films delivered? We try to deliver all films ASAP and will have them to you within 90 days of your wedding. Our teaser films are delivered within a week.

How are my films delivered? We deliver all of your finished films with a keepsake USB flash drive though the mail, a digital download link, and streaming with apps like Vimeo, YouTube and other platforms that work for viewing on TV’s, iPads, phones, etc. You’ll also receive a custom URL on our website to see all of your streaming/download links in one place.

Who picks the music? We have certain licensing regulations that we must follow so we pick the music. We always pick music that best matches our couples personalities and the footage captured from the day.

What is rehearsal dinner coverage? Our main goal for rehearsal dinner coverage is to film the speeches from your friends and family. These are once in a lifetime speeches that you’ll cherish and are perfect to mix in with your highlight film to help convey story and emotion. You’ll also receive the speeches in full as a separate edit.

What is the engagement session shoot? This is a separate day of filming (usually the day of your photographer’s engagement session). This could be used as a save the date style film or something to show at your engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Here’s an example of an engagement session film.

Can we hire you to film just the ceremony? We believe that future you will want a family heirloom to show to your kids and grandchildren and our style of wedding filmmaking is best fit for our starting collection. We will occasionally film a Sunday or weekday wedding with less coverage and customize a package for that.

What’s your booking process? We like to set up a quick phone call first to make sure we’re a good for fit each-other then we’ll send a questionnaire, contract and invoice. Our retainer is $1000 down which goes toward your total and reserves your date.

How much do you cost? We currently start out at $2900. Our starting collection includes 6 hours of coverage, 2 videographers and a 4-5 minute highlight film with all of the best moments (video and audio) from your day. If you’d like a full list of our collections, please contact us here.